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Students’ Council
The Students’ Council of Jesuit University Ignatianum in Cracow is a place where every student can find something for themselves. Being aware of the needs and preferences of the entire student community, the Students’ Council organizes open events and projects accessible for everybody and satisfactory for all participants.

Each year in November, the “Cecyliada” Student Festival is organized during which the most talented students can present themselves on the stage in front of the entire university community. Every year attractive prizes await the winners and a high level of the participants’ performance makes it difficult for the jury to decide.

Taking care of the unity of the student community, the Students’ Council organizes integration events or sometimes even carnival balls in magnificent Cracow clubs.

The Students’ Council also conducts many charity campaigns. Thanks to the “Crayon Action”, it has become a tradition at our university that after the final university exam (defense of the BA or MA thesis) our graduates, instead of buying flowers and gifts for their supervisors, collect the money for school kits for children from poor families.

Members of the Students’ Council also show patriotic commitment. In order to convert patriotic attitudes into a concrete act, the Students’ Council organizes a blood donation campaign “Give blood to your Motherland” during the celebrations of the National Day of Remembrance of the “Cursed Soldiers”. In collaboration with the Odra-Niemen Association, the students of Ignatianum coordinate the “Countrymen for their Heroes” campaign of support for the former Home Army soldiers living behind the eastern borders of Poland.

All these activities are aimed at integrating the academic community and encourage each student to actively engage in social activities while studying at Ignatianum.