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„It is important to realize that there is still a lot to learn - to teach.” (M. Twain)

There are about 250 academic teachers at Jesuit University Ignatianum, and they all significantly contribute to a high level of education our university offers. Being experts at their fields, they are also people worth knowing. Below you can read about several of them.

Dr Radosław Zyzik
Radosław Zyzik
Dr hab. Filip Musiał, prof. Ignatianum
Filip Musiał
Dr hab. Ewa Kucharska, prof. Ignatianum
Ewa Kucharska
Dr hab. Piotr Sikora
Piotr Sikora
Ks. dr Jacek Prusak SJ
Jacek Prusak
Dr Agnieszka Grzechynka
Agnieszka Grzechynka
Dr Marek Babik
Marek Babik
Dr Joanna Lubecka
Joanna Lubecka
Mgr Aleksandra Popińska-Pindych
Aleksandra Popińska-Pindych