Monika Rasiewicz • Rekrutacja Ignatianum Kraków
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Monika Rasiewicz
Dr hab. Monika Rasiewicz, prof. Ignatianum

Graduate of the Faculty of Acting at the Ludwik Solski Krakow Academy of Dramatic Art, where she has been teaching for thirty years at both faculties (i.e. the Faculty of Acting and of Drama Directing). She has also been conducting classes in diction, acting and directing at the Krakow Academy of Music.

She performed at the Polish Theatre in Wrocław under the direction of Jerzy Grzegorzewski and then at  Stary Theatre in Krakow for many years.

She has devoted the recent years for finding a personal tone in the so-called poetic theater note. Long-term manager of the Krakow St. Norbert’s Cellar. She has been a juror and instructor of the National Recitation Contest for many years.

As a teacher, she has directed many operas, such as “The Marriage of Figaro” by W.A. Mozart – played in Krakow’s Barbakan at the Summer Festival Krakow 2008, or “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, performed at Ignatianum.

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