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We offer 11 courses in social and humanities, taught at three faculties, including one in Mysłowice. Our graduates verify the popular myth that only technical education gives you a good job prospect. This is possible due to a large number of practical classes on each of the courses and cooperation with institutions in which our graduates can look for work after graduation.

The mission of the Ignatianum Academy in Cracow is to educate students at a high level. We want to enable them to develop professional and personal fulfillment. At the same time, using the achievements of Ignatian pedagogy, we wish to promote spiritual, moral and social growth.

Budynek Akademii Ignatianum w Krakowie oraz Bazylika NSPJ
nauki o polityce

Political Sciences are aimed at critical reflection on the process of exercising power.


The studies develop the ability to think in a rational and critical-analytical way.


Cultural Studies are ideal for creative, hard-working, and passionate people.


Students of this field are prepared to pursue the career of a press spokesman or a PR specialist.

Wycieczka rowerowa

These studies are directed towards employment in one of the fastest growing sectors of economy.

Student psychologii

Psychology as a field of knowledge tries to discover and understand human motivation, feelings and emotions.

Sala lekcyjna

Pedagogy deals with the development and changes of the mechanisms of education throughout the whole of human life.

Comprises a variety of forms of social assistance addressed to the socially excluded and groups threatened by marginalisation.

Filologia angielska

Philological studies make it possible to use the so-called mature English.

Zarządzanie i nowe technologie w sferze publicznej

Emphasis is placed here on the use of modern IT tools (e.g. data carriers, communication systems) in offices and public institutions than in traditionally understood administration.


Political Sciences enable students to discover and understand the processes which control the functioning of politics, society, media and economy.